Bridal Shoes


Bridal Shoes: Find the perfect shoes for your wedding

Have you found your wedding dress and are now looking for the perfect bridal shoes to complete your outfit? At piqyourdress you will find a beautiful bridal shoe collection, handmade in Italy and very comfortable to wear.

We believe that every bride is unique and that just like her wedding dress, her bridal shoes should reflect her style and match the occasion so that she will feel beautiful and comfortable on her big day. That's why at piqyourdress you will find a broad selection of bridal shoes and bridal heels so that every bride can pick the shoes that are just right for her. Let us help you to find your perfect bridal shoes by giving you a short overview of our collection and answers to the most common questions about how to find the perfect bridal shoe.

You can shop our bridal shoes online or try them on first in our showroom in Zurich or in one of our partner stores. If you just need a little advice, we will also help you via phone at any time.

Do wedding shoes have to be white?

Bridal shoes ivory

Ivory or white bridal shoes are obviously a very popular choice among brides. Most brides still get married in a white dress so that white or ivory bridal shoes always are a good choice. Whether you opt for a simple pair of white bridal sandals or you are looking for a statement ivory bridal heel with crystals - at piqyourdress you will find the perfect bridal shoe in ivory or white.

More and more brides, however, are looking to incorporate a little bit of color in their wedding look and bridal shoes are a great choice for that. An advantage of choosing more colorful bridal shoes is also, that you will for sure wear them again after your big day.

Bridal shoes champagne

The color tones champagne or nude are not only trending for wedding dresses, but also for bridal shoes. Since bridal shoes in champagne are very neutral, they will go with almost any wedding dress.

Metallic bridal shoes

Many brides love the shimmering effect of metallic bridal shoes and this is why you will find bridal shoes in gold, silver and rose gold in our bridal shoe collection. Metallic bridal shoes are always a tasteful highlight combined with a white wedding dress and a bridal belt in the same metallic look.

Blush pink bridal shoes

Our color tone "faded blush" is a great combination for brides, who like to add a little color to their wedding day look. Our bridal shoes in faded blush are a perfect wear for brides and will definitely be a favorite for many occasions after the wedding.

Crystal-embellished bridal shoes

Our bridal block heels with crystals are the perfect choice for every statement-making bride. The crystals add a beautiful shine for brides looking for a modern sparkle.

Bridal shoes with glitter

If you would like to add just a subtle, little shimmering effect to your wedding outfit, our bridal pumps in gold glitter or silver glitter are just right for you.

What type of bridal shoe should I wear at my wedding?

Above all, the bridal shoe you choose to wear at your wedding has to be comfortable. After all, you will spend a whole day wearing this shoe and you do not want to suffer pain on our beautiful day. We can assure you that all our bridal shoes are very comfortable to wear and are all made of high-quality materials that you can wear all day long. Whether you feel more comfortable wearing a bridal shoe with block heel, a bridal shoe with a low heel, or even bridal shoes flats - you will be able to choose from a beautiful collection of bridal shoes for every bride.

Where can I buy my bridal shoes?

All our bridal shoes can be ordered online and we will deliver them to your selected address within 1-2 working days. If you would like to try them in-store first, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Zurich or one of our selected partner stores closer to your home.