Our famous crystal belts, an exclusive statement piece from piqyourdress, are a fashion highlight! Choose from classic leather belts in various colors, sparkling crystal belts or a romantic ribbon belt. 


The waist belt

Every piqyourdress outfit may be styled perfectly with a statement belt. At piqyourdress you find beautiful and simple leather belts in many different colors. A sparkling crystal belt, a classic leather belt or a romantic ribbon belt will accentuate your waist beautifully. 

A certain something for the perfect look

With one single outfit your look will go from simple to extravagant. Whether you prefer a boho-style wedding dress, a sexy little black dress or a colorful cocktail dress, piqyourdress offers you many different options. 

Accessories carefully made by hand

Don’t be afraid to stock up on our accessories in various colors as they are useful in many situations and not only perfect for elegant evening but also in everyday life. They can all be worn and combined in a more casual way during the day. Even our crystal belts look great when worn over a loose-fit knit sweater and leather pants.