piqyourdress was born the day we decided it was a waste of money to buy a new dress for every event. What a shame to see it turn old and dusty in our closets after only one opportunity to shine! We came up with an idea to solve this problem and created piqyourdress! Our dress mixer lets you assemble your perfect dress. Complete the look with a belt and wear the separate pieces with your daily wardrobe. The possibilities are endless! Today, Claudia and Gabi's lives revolve around piqyourdress.com, a relaxed and modern approach to evening wear.


completely changed career after years of working in real estate finance abroad to become a fashion buyer for a group of department stores in Switzerland. Owning her own business is her lifelong dream come true.


studied fashion design in Switzerland and worked as an independent designer and stylist thereafter. Her big love for textiles, colours and prints are the basis for all designs she creates for piq.

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