MIX & MATCH your perfect clutch

Keep your essentials organized in this sleek and modern clutch. Choose a color matching your outfit and carry the clutch on its slim, detachable leather wrist strap. Or exchange it with a sparkling crystal wrist strap – this will transform your clutch into a real eyecatcher!

Our Clutch, the perfect match

Our clutch is just small enough not to get in the way while dancing at a cool party. Wear the clutch matching with your outfit or your accessories such as a beautiful leather belt, a soft merino-cashmere poncho or our comfortable and sleek sandals. No matter if you choose silver, gold or rose gold, a matching clutch will be an eyecatcher no matter which color you choose. Wear the clutch again in daily life on its small detachable leather wrist strap or exchange it for a special event with a crystal cuff. Just like that you can create your very own favorite handbag. 

Detachable wrist strap with sparkling crystals  

Our sparkling crystal cuffs are available in two different sizes, slim and wide, and are an absolute fashion statement. Be creative and accentuate your sleek clutch with one of these sparkling crystal wrist straps. We especially love the two-colored looks, making a beautiful contrast. We can’t wait to see what you’ll choose!   

Cool bridal clutches for the modern bride

A modern bridal look needs a modern bridal handbag! Especially at a civil wedding, every bride would like to carry her essential personal belongings with her. So, a bridal clutch is an important choice and one of the most important accessories for any bride. Our bridal clutch in ivory is our most classic and timeless piece and always a winner. The clutch can be upgraded with a crystal cuff in ivory and become a real statement piece. Of course, you can also choose a color for your wedding clutch to make a contrast with your bridal look. We recommend matching your clutch with your belt, poncho or sandals or even your bridal bouquet of flowers.