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Tops for Bridesmaids and Wedding Guests

At piqyourdress you will find the perfect top to mix & match your two-piece bridesmaids or wedding guest outfit. Our tops go from classic to extravagant and look incredibly feminine, matching any piq skirt.  We have the perfect fit for any figure, may it be a romantic boat neckline, a sexy camisole or a classic v-neckline top.

Tops in the most beautiful colors for bridesmaids and wedding guests

Not only brides can create their very own look at piqyourdress. Also bridesmaids and wedding guests can mix & match their outfit combining a top, belt and skirt that perfectly matches the occasion and their personal style. You will find beautifully romantic lace tops and bodysuits, as well as modern satin tops to create just the look you are looking for.

Wear our tops with your everyday wardrobe

piq it - love it - everyday. All our tops can be integrated into your daily wardrobe. Our tops are perfect for a night out paired with jeans and heels or even for the office under a suit.