Nachhaltigkeit Brautmode und Abendmode
Nachhaltigkeit Brautmode und Abendmode

#piqcares - OUR GOAL

It is our goal to produce bridal wear, evening wear and accessories of a very high quality but at the same time ethically produced. We want women to feel their best and beautiful yet offer the clothes at an affordable price point to most. We appreciate skilled hand labor and the art of tailoring and shoe making and we focus and work only on productions in Europe. We strive to improve our business practices continuously in order to continue to make environmentally friendly clothing. It is important to us to support women in business and production and to make sure they get same pay for work as men. 


From the start, our aesthetics was influenced and based on couture, but wearable enough to dance in it and to be worn in everyday life as well. The outfits should be affordable and reasonably priced yet should last to remind us our special moments in life that we celebrated in them. We have developed an innovative way to construct separates that don't need corset or tailoring but offers stretchy materials and standard sizes to fit everyone and make everyone feel comfortable. 

So we not only focus on sustainability in materials and production, but also in the fact that the clothes can be re-worn again and again in everyday life. All styles can be worn casually and to the office, combined with jeans, sweaters, sneakers or with suits. By combining with daily wardrobe, the styles can become a new look to reworn again. Outfits from piqyourdress should not be worn only once like all evening and bridal wear usually is meant to be, but to be re-worn throughout time. 

For the clothes to remain intact, one should follow the washing and care instructions. If something breaks, customers can contact us and we can fix it in our repair service.


Since the start of piqyourdress, we always have wanted to only produce in Europe. At the very beginning, we even produced every garment individually in a small atelier in Switzerland. But because we were growing and the owner of this atelier was retired, we had to look for a new production, which we found in the north of Portugal, the center of theEuropean textile industry. We have longlasting relationships with all our productions, know them personally and visit them frequently. They all meet our expectations of fair and ethical work standards and practices. We want ensured that they all work to the highest safety, health and environmental standards possible. We are proud to say that on all our accessories, our crystals are still all applied by hand in an atelier in Switzerland. And our shoes are made in a family business in Napoli, Italy by hand also. We care about short transport distances to keep our CO2 balance to a minimum. Despite our rapid growth, we stayed true to our values and make sure that our mix & match collection stays 100% make in Europe also in the future. 


During the first four years of our history, we produced only what was ordered by customers. This way, nothing got disposed of. However, as our company grew, we needed to produce stock in larger quantities to satisfy our demand. We keep a minimum of stock needed to ensure we don't remain with unsold merchandise. Despite careful planning, some pieces always remain unsold. These we offer at discounted prices online and finally make their way into our annual stock out sale. Returned articles are all controlled and inspected rigorously for defects, which are then being ironed, repaired or cleaned before making their way back into our warehouse to be resold. These important steps ensure that no cothing is disposed of. All other items make their way to the stock out sale and find a happy owner at a discounted price in the end.


We are in control of our supply chain from beginning to end. Because we design, develop, produce and control quality only in Europe, we are a clothing brand that operates very transparently and sustainably. We also make sure that our fabric suppliers from Italy, Portgual and Turkey show the necessary certifications to ensure ethical and sustainable business practices. 


The focus when choosing materials are always to select fabrics that are of a high quality, durable and easy to take care of. Our satin fabric, which is included in most of our styles, is made from 51% recycled material. The fabric is washable, crease-resistant and therefore perfect for everyday wear. Even some of our elastic laces are composed recycled polyamid. All accessories are made from 100% Italian leather. Our wool also comes from Italy. To make sure your package is as environmentally friendly as possible, we only use cardboard boxes made from recycled materials and our duct tape is on a paper basis and natural rubber and therefore bio-degradable. 


Our team consists of 7 talented women based in our headquarters in Zurich as well as our amazing network of partners for production, including talented seamstresses, skilled shoe and accessory makers and a very experienced logistics partner. Together we strive to surpass creative and innovative boundaries while offering our customers a high quality, modern product at a fair price. As a company founded by women, it is very important to us to support other women. Our team is composed of 100% women only with different part-time work contracts. Our team loves what we do and is proud of everything we have achieved so far. 

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